A Central Asian Organization Giving Hope and Dignity To The Elders

About us

Babushka Adoption Foundation is a well-established organization working to improve the lives of the older adults through social and financial support, mobilization of the senior citizens, protection of their rights and promotion of their interests on a national level. Babushka means “Granny” or an older lady in Russian. The term “adoption” refers to individual sponsorship, providing financial support to lonely older adults in extreme poverty. 

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Our mission is to give love, hope and dignity to the elders, a vulnerable group of people who were particularly affected by the socio-economic crisis in Kyrgyzstan after the collapse of the USSR.


To improve the lives of the elderly people by providing social and financial support, promoting mobilization of elderly people and encouraging awareness among the Kyrgyz Republic.


Our key values are providing good service, respecting the elderly and fully supporting people in need. We highly value the time and care that is given by our contributors to our beneficiaries and foundation.

Why are we so effective?


We link our sponsor with a babushka (grandmother) or dedushka (grandfather). You may connect with them through letters, which we translate for you, or even visits. It provides so much happiness to the elders, when they realize that there are people who think and care about them.


Honesty towards beneficiaries and sponsors is our top priority. We guarantee transparent budgets and accounts of all our activities and communicate regularly about it. Mutual agreement and open dialogues are very important to us to improve the interest of our target group.


The feedback from our sponsors and beneficiaries is of real value to us to improve our cooperation with them. We have around 600 sponsors from all over the world, from who have been loyal to Babushka Adoption for many years.

Why should you give?
A good deed
Poverty is unfair! Certainly one of the two elderly in Kyrgyzstan suffers because of poverty. This means that they cannot buy enough food, medicines or doing something fun, like going to a museum. By adopting an elderly person, you give him or her the chance of a life without poverty. Sharing your well being with the beneficiaries brings the needy elderly and yourself much happiness.
Taxes are deductible
In most countries your gifts and sponsorship are deductible by the tax office for a certain percentage. Babushka Adoption can provide a letter for companies who support elderly people through Babushka Adoption in order to get this deduction. In the Netherlands, Babushka Adoption works together with stichting Elnura. So for Dutch sponsors, gifts are tax deductible when they transfer money through stichting Elnura.
A good example for others
A world without poverty – is that possible? Not even fifty years ago, poverty was seen as a necessity, hunger would make people work hard, and low wages would be needed for economic growth. But since this image has been reversed, a world without poverty seems suddenly feasible. We are sure that your support will influence the behavior of others and slowly the society will change!