Coronavirus and quarantine: useful recommendations

Dear Friends! Today we present to your attention an interview with Lebedeva Zinaida Anatolievna, a volunteer by vocation, who selflessly serves 6 charity organizations, including Babushka Adoption. Zinaida tells how exactly to encourage the older generation now, in conditions of forced stay at home quarantine, and how not to give in to panic. (Tips are given for the elderly, as Lebedeva helps representatives of this very age category, but recommendations will be useful for young people as well, to a lesser or greater extent…).

1) “One should hope for the best, adjust oneself to the positive, everything will be fine anyway. One day it will end anyway, we must remember that behind the black stripe comes white …”, – says Zinaida Anatolievna.

2) “Watch the news less. The negative affects the psyche very strongly. It’s better to do some favorite thing (floriculture, needlework, crosswords, etc.) Turn on the music, the TV series, soap operas after all, to distract you”.

3) “Reinforce the masks. A simple mask has little effect against the virus. But if you take a freely available bandage or gauze, put it in six or seven layers and sew inside a simple mask – then the protection becomes much more reliable… Just don’t forget that every time a homemade multilayer mask has to be opened, washed with soap, dried. And before the next use, stitch 6-7 layers of gauze inside again. Yes, it is labour-intensive, but reliable”, – Zinaida Anatolyevna advises.

4) “Yes, it’s hard for everyone now… But people have to accept this and remember that everything will be finally well”.

Well, and we, in our turn, thank Zinaida Anatolyevna for her useful recommendations and wish everyone patience, peace and good.