Babushka adoption


The word “Adoption” in the name of our organization means individual sponsorship and financial support to the lonely  and desperately needy elder people. 

Babushka Adoption initiated Self-Help Groups since June 2006.  Self-Help Groups (SHGs) consist of 10-15 elderly people who meet regularly to discuss elderly peoples’ needs and organize activities that can help reintegrate isolated Kyrgyz elderly people. SHG leaders received special training in project development and management, budget development and monitoring, mobilization and coordination of volunteers, lobbying, attracting funding sources and networking.  Varous SHGs around the country do many things such as souvenir making, lobbying and even sheep breeding.

SHGs give the elderly people a voice and a chance to socialize with others, boosting their morale and psychological condition. This also ultimately improves their overall health and they feel younger.

Self Help Group (SHG) Main Goals:

  1. Organize social and charity activities for local elderly people on a regular basis to improve social conditions and provide the necessary financial and psychological support to the most vulnerable in their community;
  2. Strengthen inter-generational links between older and younger generations by organizing events and celebrations, as well as social clubs for teaching and learning new skills;
  3. Alleviate negative traditions in Kyrgyz society that detract from the development and improvement of the social and economic situation of the country;
  4. Increase the role of elderly people in public administration and decision-making at local and national levels;
  5. Engage effectively with the members of the Kyrgyz Parliament, local administration and self-government representatives, public councils and local social protection agencies, social funds and other NGOs working with and for the elderly;
  6. Work together with Local Territorial Councils representatives, condominiums and active residents on explaining the importance of reforms concerning communal services and making recommendations on how to better monitor these services;
  7. Involve women in decision-making processes to empower them and increase the role of women in community development in rural areas.


Self Help Groups established in the Batken region in 2006

SHG “Nasyikat”

Aikol village


SHG “Aikol”

Aikol village

Advocacy, lobbying

SHG “Umut-Jetigen”

Village Min-Jygach

National souvenirs, handicrafts making

SHG “Maksat”

Village Golbo


SHG “Yntymak”

Tailan village

Animal breeding, dairy products making

SHG “Toguzbulak”

Toguzbulak village

Handicrafts making

SHG “Tattuu”

Village Tailan


SHG “Tailan Uuzdary”

Village Tailan

National souvenirs, handicrafts making

SHG “Umut”

Village Toguz-Bulak

National souvenirs, handicrafts making

SHG “Golbo”

Village Golbo

Carpet weaving by hand, handicrafts

SHG “Asylzat”

Isfana town

Advocacy, lobbying

SHG “Tabyshker”

Village Kara-Bulak


SHG “Lakomka”

Sulukta town


SHG “Oazis”

Sulukta town

Advocacy, keeping traditions

SHG “Saamalyk”

Village Ak-Bulak

National handicrafts making


SHGs which were established in 2007

SHG "Ilmedos"


Souveniors production

SHG "Kadyrman Karylar"


Sheep breading

SHG "Dolot"


Production of veterinary facilities

SHG "Оnor"


Handicrafts making

SHG "Ormok"



SHG "Yntymak"


Accessories, bijouterie

SHG "Soopker 1,2"


Advocacy and monitoring of communal services

SHG "Ardi"


Sewing of blankets, handicrafts making, and advocacy

SHG "Yrys"

Jany Pakhta

Sewing of blankets



Making investigations in the field of gerontology

SHG "Kolomto"


Advocacy, campaigning for elderly people


5 SHGs in Belovodskoe village which started the activity in 2010

SHG “Umelye ruchki”

Village Belovodskoe


SHG “Orchideika”

Village Belovodskoe

Indoors flowers growing

SHG “Pchylka”

Village Belovodskoe


SHG “Pushok”

Village Belovodskoe

Breeding of rabbits

SHG “Igolochka”

Village Belovodskoe

Handicrafts, souvenirs making



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