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The word “Adoption” in the name of our organization means individual sponsorship and financial support to the lonely  and desperately needy elder people. 

To alleviate the impact of poverty on vulnerable elderly people in Kyrgyzstan, Babushka Adoption Foundation has set up a successful private sponsorship programme providing monthly welfare cash transfers to the most vulnerable elderly people in Bishkek city and rural areas of the southern Batken region. As an important part of the sponsorship programme, Babushka Adoption Foundation works to establish a personal relationship between the elderly people and their sponsors, to ease their feelings of loneliness and social exclusion. Babushka Adoption Foundation staff members help to translate letters, distribute presents from the sponsors and even help sponsors to visit their babushka or dedushka.


Establishing and Supporting Older People’s Day Centres in the Rural Areas:

In partnership with Help Age International and with the participation of Self Help Groups (SHGs) and the local administration, BA opened five day centers in the Batken region in 2007-2009.

In March 2010, Babushka Adoption opened another day centre, the Elderly Initiative Support Centre. Here, SHG members from Belovodskoe village meet and organize activities together.

The seventh day care centre was opened in September 2015, with BA and its partner “Elnura” Foundation”, who provided financing for opening the centre with the Wild Geese Foundation from the Netherlands.

In total, there are 7 day centres, where the elderly of local communities can meet, socialize with each other, organize different community events and address issues facing the elderly and the local communities. These centres also serve as a place where the elderly have access to information sources (TV, newspapers, magazines) and can receive knowledge on different subjects. The elderly groups maintain the centers themselves, with local authorities paying for the premise maintenance costs. BA staff mentor and coache the elderly groups, helping them in any capacity required. By visiting the centres and participating in the different events, the day centres help to improve the quality of life of the elderly in Kyrgyzstan.


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