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The word “Adoption” in the name of our organization means individual sponsorship and financial support to the lonely  and desperately needy elder people. 

On September 25, 2019, at 6 pm on the eve of the International Day of Seniors, celebrated annually on October 1, in the ballroom of the Park Hotel, Babushka Adoption Foundation (hereinafter “BA" or Foundation) celebrates its 20th anniversary. Babushka Adoption Foundation has existed since 1999. To date, he has provided financial and social assistance to more than a few thousand lonely needy elderly wards, implemented dozens of projects for and with older people, and also won the respect and loyalty of Kyrgyz society. At the national level, the Foundation is involved in the development and promotion of national policy documents on aging, active longevity and improving the quality of life of older people.

The purpose of the anniversary is to celebrate the anniversary itself, i.e. the Foundation’s two-year-old activity, drawing public attention to the problems of older people in Kyrgyzstan, as well as fundraising through a charity lottery and charity sale of drinks in the evening. The highlight of the evening is that during the festive evening, as part of the “celebrity-bartender” tradition, the Deputy Ambassador of Germany to Kyrgyzstan, Mrs. Irja Berg, will sell drinks. An exhibition of souvenirs made by older people will also take place. All proceeds will go to support single elderly needy.

To celebrate philanthropic accomplishments and the 20th anniversary of the foundation, high-level diplomatic, political and business representatives are expected to attend the anniversary hotel at the Park Hotel. On this festive evening, another highlight of this event will be the fact that the Foundation will announce and introduce Babushka Adoption Goodwill Ambassador. The candidate for this role was a young Kyrgyz singer, composer, winner of the Youthvision international contest in Baku NurCholpon, who has a rare coloratura soprano. The program of this festive evening includes such interesting parts as: the performance of musical compositions by talented performers of the Kyrgyz Republic, such as NurCholpon, the performance of the elderly choir, banquets, performances, as well as raffles and lotteries. All funds from the organization and holding of events will be used to improve the quality of life of the wards of Babushka Adoption. By participating in the charity lottery on September 25, those present can not only receive valuable, original prizes, but also make a significant contribution to improving the lives of needy single elderly people with whom the Foundation works, developing such an important phenomenon in society as charity.

Entrance fee is 2,500 soms. For tickets, contact the email address Aizhan Sarygulova:, tel. 0551 919 900


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