Babushka adoption


The word “Adoption” in the name of our organization means individual sponsorship and financial support to the lonely  and desperately needy elder people. 

Dear visitors of our website! Babushka Adoption is happy to work with and accept volunteers, interns to our organization. We have had a great experience of working with volunteers, interns from Switzerland, Germany, Serbia, Australia, UK and others.

If your are willing to make a volunteer input, internship to BA on different aspects of our programme and administrative activities, such as: organizational development, marketing, web-designing, photography, editing and translating texts (English, German, French, Danish, Dutch or etc) or you are willing to provide home care services to our elderly, we will be happy for your participation.

Period and conditions of the volunteering, internship can be discussed together. Let us know in which areas of our organization you could use your knowledge and skills best of all. We look forward for your involvement. Upon completing the volunteering or internship, we will be happy to provide a reference letter.



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Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek,
Moskovskaya str., 39-5


  • +996 312 48 64 91
  • +996 312 48 64 90
  • +996 555 48 64 90


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