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The word “Adoption” in the name of our organization means individual sponsorship and financial support to the lonely  and desperately needy elder people. 

Babushka Adoption supports the most vulnerable elderly in Bishkek (capital) and Batken district of the Kyrgyz Republic. Lists of the vulnerable elderly are provided by the local social security departments of the Ministry of the Social Protection of the Kyrgyz Republic. Identifying and selecting which elderly are elligible for support is accomplished by our social workers, with the support of an independent commission of experienced people working in the community sector. Our social workers conduct needs assessments by visiting the elderly applicants at their home. The assessments take into account applicants’ work experience, health condition, housing situation, family status and pension allotment. These are then measured against Babushka Adoption Foundation’s criteria:

  1. Over 65 years old
  2. Monthly pension less than 4600 Kyrgyz SOM (~EURO 60), which is the average pension
  3. No family support (i.e. childless; have disabled or pensioned children,or children have left Kyrgyzstan and do not provide support)



Thank you for your kindness and interest in adopting a needy babushka (grandmother) or dedushka (grandfather) in the Kyrgyz Republic. Sponsorship is a great way to experience the joys of helping a needy elderly person and make a lasting difference to the lives of those who urgently need your help and attention. When you choose to adopt an elderly person in need you are linked with your own babushka or dedushka. This way you and your beneficiary can, if you so wish, get to know each other and contribute to creating a lasting bond. You will receive a profile of your babushka or dedushka that includes a short biography and photograph. More than 600 sponsors worldwide and almost 1000 elderly people in the Kyrgyz Republic enjoy this special relationship. It provides so much happiness to the older people. They realize that they are not so alone in this world and that there are people who think and care about them. Here’s information about how to adopt a needy babushka or dedushka and make a real difference in their lives.

1. Send us a request about interest in adopting a babushka to and let us know whether you leave the choice of an elderly person up to us or you want to choose an elderly person from our database by yourself.

If you want to choose an elderly by yourself, we will send you biographies of three elderly folks in extreme need, so that you may decide whom to support and inform us of your decision. In case if you entrust the choice to us, our Sponsor Coordinator will send you a profile of a needy elderly person. All other necessary information that you need to become a sponsor will be provided too. You will have the opportunity to write letters, send gifts and visit her (or him) after the “adoption”.

2. The next step is to transfer €180 to one of our bank accounts. Babushka Adoption Foundation has 4 bank accounts: in Kyrgyzstan, Switzerland  and Europe. As soon as your transfer is received, we will start providing your chosen beneficiary with the Kyrgyz equivalent of €12 monthly, at two-monthly intervals. Please consider making your adoption an on-going commitment and continue to provide long-term support for your beneficiary by setting up a Standing Order or Direct debit with your bank. It is the best way to make our sponsorship programme affordable and efficient. More importantly, it can make a lasting difference in the lives of older people.



In addition to adopting a babushka or dedushka, you may like to connect with them through letters or even visits. 

Sending letters Exchanging letters with your sponsored babushka or dedushka can build a wonderful relationship that will be rewarding to you both. Our sponsors learn about their beneficiary’s life, hometown, hobbies, climate, customs and history of their country. In return, the elderly in theKyrgyz Republic love to hear about their sponsors’ lives. You may even like to include pictures of yourself so your beneficiary will really get to know you. Babushka Adoption staff is happy to translate letters between sponsor and beneficiary. Both your original letter and the translation are given to your beneficiary. While we cannot guarantee a reply to every letter or gift, some beneficiaries do reply and correspond frequently with sponsors, while others don’t. Sadly, some of our beneficiaries are not able to read or write, as they did not receive any education or their health condition does not permit them to do so. The quickest and easiest way to write to your beneficiary is by email to our office e-mail address:

Alternatively you can post a letter. Please include your sponsor number in all correspondence. Our staff will translate and deliver your emails and letters for you. Letters in Russian can be sent directly to your beneficiary. Where the beneficiary has reading problems a member of our team will arrange for a reader and if requested may prepare a letter to you on her/his behalf. 

Sending additional monetary gifts, presents and parcels You can also send additional monetary gifts or other presents for special occasions, to address specific needs or simply as an act of love. These gifts are another effective way for you to show your care and commitment to your beneficiary. Please do not send cash in the post, as it is not safe. If you wish to send additional monetary gifts please inform us by email about the amount, and transfer the money to one of our bank accounts. Please indicate that your donation is an additional monetary gift so we apply your donation correctly, and please do not forget to mention your personal sponsor number. Your monetary gift will be given to your babushka or dedushka during the regular two-monthly money distribution and we will send you a photograph of your beneficiary receiving the cash. Parcels can be sent to our office, and we will deliver your present to your beneficiary and send you a photo of her/him receiving it. Please include your sponsor number on the parcel. 


Important advice: We kindly ask you not to send fragile products as they may be broken in transit. We suggest that you send general-use goods, such as clothing, scarves, socks or gloves, all of which would be very welcome during our freezing winters. 


Visitig your babushka or dedushka Meeting your adopted babushka or dedushka can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and an opportunity to see with your own eyes how much your sponsorship is helping your beneficiary. Some of our sponsors have visited their beneficiaries and have wonderful memories to share with you. Your babushka or dedushka would be delighted to have you visit. Our staff members will be very happy to make arrangements directly related to your visit, including interpretation assistance and transportation from our office to your beneficiary’s home. Apart from visiting your beneficiary, you (and other people who are interested in the activities of Babushka Adoption Foundation) are welcome to meet with the Babushka Adoption Foundation staff and discover the beautiful country of Kyrgyzstan.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in visiting your beneficiary, or if you have any questions about such a prospect.f

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